Monday, March 28, 2011

French Quarter by Lacey Alexander - A Review

This book is hot, hot HOT!

Liz Marsh is in need of a private investigator.  She wants to find out if her fiance' Todd is cheating on her.  At the suggestion of her friend, she meets with uber sexy P.I. Jack Wade.  At first, he refuses to take her case because he is well-established, respected and past the need to take just any case.  However, Jack is instantly attracted to Liz.  And, much to her surprise (she is engaged, after all) Liz is equally attracted to Jack.  As it turns out, Jack can't say no to Liz and he takes her case.

Jack quickly discovers that Todd is spending an extreme amount of time (and money) on Bourbon Street in New Orleans' French Quarter tipping strippers and receiving lascivious lap dances.  When Jack presents Liz with the evidence - she wants to see it all with her own eyes and asks Jack to go to the strip club with her.  Again, he is unable to (and doesn't really want to)  say no to her.

Once Liz sees that Todd really is a slimeball - she realizes she isn't in love with him anyway, breaks off their engagement and sets off on an adventure of sexual self discovery.  With Jack, of course.

This book is filled with sexual adventure and it has the added bonus of Jack and Liz's love story.  It is very erotic and it has a happy ending.  What more could a girl ask for? Oh, I know - the next book in the series; which happens to be Sin City.

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